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About Us

Apex Handicrafts is an international supplier of historical products and Leather Goods. Our goal is to make historical products accessible for everyone in a reliable and socially responsible way. We offer a diverse assortment which enables the costumer to choose from a large variety of products from different price ranges.

APEX HANDICRAFTS is one of Reputed Indian manufacturer and exporter of all types of Leather and Medieval Products. We have 35 years of experience. We are skilled and use fine tools to make our products. We can also customize and make new products according to our client requirements. Our aim is to provide finest quality product to our client. We always do our best and provide our buyers good quality products. Apex Handicrafts was started as shoes maker shop providing their products in the local market like Roorkie, Dehradun.  In 2013 we started exporting products in international markets.

Apex Handicrafts collaborates with 17 different craftsmen. We offer our craftsmen continuity and assurance for throughout the years we have become a reliable and economically stabile partner. As a result they can completely focus on their craftsmanship and can give their best.

Company Overview

Meerut, the Historical town of North India, is globally famous for its excellent quality handcrafted goods and artwares, the fine workmanship and finishing reflected in these articles attract million of buyers, we Apex Handicrafts present a stimulating range of handicrafts, chainmail, armors, hand crafted Leather goods, and medieval armors as a renowned manufacturer and exporter.